They said the past that the UN historical legacy is in the raised ancestors therefore measured attend countries in the modern world the number of museums built inside it, it is different here in Egypt Valley by the systematic looting of Antiquities under the nose of successive governments degrades what keeps under Taip neglect and ignorance of the officials of the value of such treasures material and moral and historical ..

Four hours commuting team alternative to reach the South Sinai Governorate , accompanied by a team archaeological Egypt to verify the disaster exposed Temple Srabit server actually at an altitude of 650 meters above sea level near the town of Abu Zenimah located in South Sinai , which included the team both archaeologist Egyptian Dr. Monica Hanna and professor Dr. Ibrahim Faraj restoration and repair specialist Mrs. Marwa Zini .

Took rise of the archaeological team to Mount Srabit server hours of time, during which the team suffered to bring your camera equipment highest mountain slope and happened to walk through to see artifacts scattered on the sand.

The Temple Srabit server a most important Pharaonic temples and due to the nature of the mountainous unique and privileged location where it is the only temple in the Sinai therefore called the land of turquoise where the Pharaohs come for the extraction of minerals in the era of the Middle therefore named Hathor - which built the temple to worship - Lady turquoise. As that there are other gods worshiped in this temple as the machine S , the God of the moon where the height of the temple higher helps them to monitor the movement of the stars and the moon . the temple continued to boom in the construction and until the era of the modern state but not used in the late Roman era .

Despite the importance of the temple historical and tourist for being a source of livelihood only for more than 300 families living in the surroundings , but he faces a catastrophe did not pass in its history where Ahketh wind and erosion and obliterated induced restoration misconceptions that have not Tnjua including any object has been restored and it is due to the materials used , which caused salts to appear on all the pieces restored while it did not appear on any of the pieces that survived the restoration operations . salts is not the reason for the blur , but signs that there is complete wrong and ill-conceived led to the deformation of many of these artifacts .

Also, you can feel the suspicions of corruption and squandering of public money in front of those stairs dilapidated , which was built in 2004 and claimed that cost millions of pounds however, did not withstand the floods because of the use of material Kherasana and which are not suitable for tourist place as they used which also stone mountain and that's what made ​​it more difficult than climbing the mountain familiar and more dangerous to the lives of tourists because of gross negligence in بنايتها .

Do not stand suspicions of wasting public money when the process Created Slalam stone , but extends to the grant of 350,000 euros value of the project funded by the European Union aimed at transforming societies Bedouin communities produced by the activation of the cultural dimension in Sinai allocated by the greater part of the area Srabit server and made ​​several communications to the deputy about it and was the fate of these inclusions communications.

Faces imprinted upon tragedy looming and source of livelihood , which decays day by day , those are the faces of people of the region that stretches tragedy to far from the disaster archeological , Lack of water that go for her for more than fifteen kilometer who untouched six hours a day alongside the lack of health units and the rest of the ingredients the necessary infrastructure , making averse to tourists visiting the temple .

Similar disasters waiting Egyptian Antiquities according to the views of a number of Egyptian archaeologist in light of the ignorance of the value of government officials raised Egypt, which are flocking citizens of countries in the world had

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