Just a coincidence was behind the discovery of the disappearance of seven antique priceless collection of Islamic Museum, through check-refer Aminmkhozn to the pension, and review the existing inventory has.

The officials explained that the seven pieces is a copper statue in the shape of a bird, and brass incense burner, and the key to it decorations, metal tray, brass vase, Astrulab of copper, brass tray.
As usual in such situations, exotic, decided the Supreme Council of the effects of the formation of a committee to inventory the store, to make sure the other pieces are not lost, as well as to refer the incident to the administrative prosecution, to investigate the circumstances.
Justifying Mustafa Khalid, director of the Museum of Islamic Art, the incident with reference to the possibility that the storage or transported in pieces during the development of the museum have caused the loss, pointing out that the custody of Trustees Stores stretch for many years.
He added that the concerned authorities will not tolerate in the face of irregularities, and that the matter is now in the hands of prosecutors to determine who is responsible for the disappearance of the pieces, and it is Halird all stores.






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